Two Folks Who are Feeling Our Age

Husband got a good check-up at the doctor on Thursday morning.  It was a month since the surgery, and he had been done with antibiotics for only 24 hours, but the doc said all is coming along with good progress.

He is allowed back to the job on Monday, with a chauffeur for awhile, with a weight limit for lifting, and fewer hours than full time, but today’s visit to the building today told us he is needed and there will be reasonable accommodations.

We also made a side trip to L0we’s, the “property owner” store.
What we needed was a hand-held weed-eater and extension cord, ant poison, and pump jug.  I also tucked in a plastic chair to put on the front porch so I can sit down while I’m waiting for the mail carrier to come by.  It was not expensive so I will leave it out there, but not worry about it being in the elements or visible from the street.

the excursion just about wore out the recovering guy
so he took a nap while I watched my game show

for longer than a week, I’ve also been feeling a bit poorly in my tummy.  After looking up Irritable Bowel Syndrome and diverticulosis symptoms on WebMD, I’ve added fiber supplement, taken a laxative twice in a week, enjoyed glassfuls of grape juice.  My last trip to the bathroom caused spasms and dizziness so that I had to rest on the bed for 15 minutes.

a call to the family doctor resulted in an order for a colonoscopy, which I was told would be put on a schedule in another part of the building
a return call today said there is not an opening until August 01, but when I mentioned my uncomfortable feeling, the clerk said she would make a note for the family doctor to give an order for a more urgent appointment
it being Friday, I don’t hold high hopes
even with health insurance, there is still a wait time

On the day after my birthday, I finally got to watch my (on the shelf since) Mother’s Day gift, which was a dvd of Driving Miss Daisy.  While doing so, I sewed together a nine patch of the cotton granny squares.  I wish I could figure a way to use the yarn needle without having a tray/table in front of me, but the stitches just don’t look routine enough when I work on my lap.  I guess I’m too particular, but if I want to do it right, I gotta take the time.

The outdoors looks lovely this evening, so I think I’ll go outside and enjoy the weather.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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