Shopping and Folding have Made My Day

This week brought some birthday bucks which were burning a hole in my pocket.

First on the list was slippers. Partly described in my comment at M C, on Saturday, I went to the store which promised the proper brand name I had grown up with.
It is difficult to describe to a chirrup younger than my son exactly what I mean by slippers.  Definitely not the wall she led me to, which had row after row of scuffs (the kind of footwear without heel support or warmth).

At least there was something to choose from, at other stores I was told that slippers are a Holiday Seasonal Item.

At long last, after she grew bored with a non-sale, on my own, I found a row near the floor of actual slippers,

which have cloth going over the top of my foot, along the sides, and blessed be, covering the heel.

Also stopped to look at socks (4 pair), because a nearby red sign said 25% off, and socks are my second weakness (after yarn) when it comes to shopping.  Still, the receipt showed my purchase total was a little more than $30, so I got fine bargains.

Since that store was just acrost the street from the craft store, I definitely had to stop in.  My New Year’s resolution about zero yarn purchases did nothing except have me feel guilty about making it in the first place.

As it happens, yes, I did buy stickers, yet I did not buy yarn.  I’m busy with yarn already in the bin, and sewing together granny squares.

I was amazed at the lovely selection since the re-organized shelf spaces. 
This morning’s advert in the paper tells me why there was such a plentiful supply of yarn—there is a most wonderful Dollar sale going on.  The week ahead may find me there again.

Also ordered a book, which arrived on time.  Desperately Seeking Humor written by Virginia Minick, who has a real job as a Substitute Teacher, so I figured it would be alright with me and my job.  Some of the stories are fine, others seem like she is trying too hard to turn in something by deadline.  And some of the situations should have been much more of a teachable moment.

On the other hand, she often mentions Erma Bombeck, which reminded me of a time when I was in Study Hall as a Junior in high school and reading Erma’s book with the word ‘cherries’ in the title.  I might have chuckled a bit under my breath, which is not supposed to happen in the sacred silence of Study Hall.

The guy across the table, someone I had known since Fifth grade, reached over and pushed upward on my book so he could read the title and author.  Just then the bell rang the end of the period, so he walked out with me, saying he did not understand why I would be reading that saying, “Shoot, my MOTHER is reading that book!!”  I replied that it is really funny, and his mother has good sense.
He reached up and rubbed the back of my hair to show he was just teasing and moseyed off down the hall.  A year and a half later, he and I would end up sitting next to each other at graduation ceremony.

so anyway, I’m halfway through this book and haven’t felt the need to cast it away, so I guess it was a worthy purchase as Used, Good Condition

Today, my tummy symptoms have subsided a bit, and while I’m feeling better, I folded towels.
This is always a major undertaking, I tend to wait until the linen closet in the bathroom has bare shelves before I empty out the 4 baskets full and waiting in the corner of the laundry room.  One pile is still teetering on the coffee table, yearning to get stuffed into the dark and dreary space until the next shower allows it to see the light of day and hung on a hook again.

Chris came by to use his computer.  I asked him if he would finish off the strawberries since I have no more shortcake to dump them on.  He seemed quite pleased to help out, putting them on some vanilla ice cream.
And now he’s off on his bicycle, helmet and headlight in place, away in the dark back to his rental house.

Gonna go, cat between me and screen.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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