A Nice Birthday for Me

Today is my birthday and everybody keeps asking if I am having a happy one.

Well, sure I am, doing the things I like to do best:
which is hook and yarn, baking, and talking with loved ones.

Hook and yarn is sewing the granny squares together for Lucas’s aphgan.  The squares are tied together in 9-patch blocks, and already I have two whipstitched together.

Baking is Bisquik strawberry shortcakes, just like it says on the box, as in a previous comment at Jay’s Jammin”

Talking came when my friend Meredith delivered these

flowers from her garden and strawberries from the Farmer’s Market

and calling my Mom in Ohio and sister Darla in Arizona

not to mention taking an envelope to the blue mailbox down the street on my bicycle

it holds a by-way-of gift for a friend’s grand-daughter

Yessirree, Folks, Today was a fine day indeed.

Now, if tomorrow brings good news when Husband goes to the doctor,

I can say my own personal new year is off with a great start   🙂

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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