Not Wandering too Far

Gee willikers, it’s been a whole week and then some since I thought about what to write for the blog here.  A few e-mails went out, so most of the folks know what’s been going on during the between time.

late Sunday, 31 May, my spouse had to be admitted all over again at the hospital.  He had an uncomfortable feeling in his tummy, inches away from the original problem yet still bothersome enough that a doctor said to go to the place where there is a CAT scan machine.
(On a weekend would be the hospital Emergency Dept)

the picture showed a blotch on the peritoneum, and the lab blood work said the white cells, aka the soldiers, count was very elevated

for more information, go to his Decrepit Old Fool place

either before or maybe after this message

Anyway, he was on the post-op floor from o’dark early Monday morning until early Wednesday afternoon with IV antibiotics drip.

the papers given to us when he was Discharged said Clear liquids diet the rest of that day, Full liquids diet for a couple days, Soft foods beginning on the weekend

Chris stayed here at the house whilst I went out to get the prescription meds and some jugs of fluids.

Nutrition drinks such as Ensure, organic carrot juice, Instant Breakfast seem to be expensive when I’m doing the regular grocery shopping, but when I know that is all my mister is allowed to pass his lips, jeepers, it goes into the cart!!

For years, I have heard the story of when George was growing up, his mom was always looking for her cup.
She is a rinse and re-use kind of gal.

This did not wear off on him.

I might find one beside the computer, one on the floor next to the leg of the couch, two on the nook table with the remains of different beverages in the bottom.

for the last few days, each time I load the dishwasher, the entire top rack is full of glasses and/or mugs

I am sooo glad to have a machine to wash the dishes.
it is running right this minute 🙂

He sent me out of the house this morning to go to a wedding.  The bride and groom look like a nice couple together, so I hope and pray their love lasts as long as they both shall live.
I don’t think I have ever been to a morning wedding before, but having such a nice lunch reception right around my usual time was a real sweet deal.

an episode of WKRP in Cincinnati is beginning
so I gotta go get some laughs

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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