We’ve got Sunshine!

the view from 6West floor of the hospital

looking toward the north and east

the walkway connecting the second floors of the garage and buildings was quite a blessing during all the rainstorms
I sure was glad to see sunshine today

the high building there beyond the trees
is Watterson Towers of Illinois State Uni fame
for awhile they were the tallest dormitory in the world

Husband was out of bed from 2pm until 8pm
allowed to swallow clear liquids

our two younger sons were visiting and walking the halls with him

I watched from the doorway
when a nurse passed by, I exclaimed proudly
“That’s most of my family!”
she said they look good together

just as I was leaving the building, the lullaby music came over the speaker
it is played when a new baby gets borned
that new momma is facing the greatest adventure of life

Tomorrow, I have a list of stuff to do with/for Lucas while he’s in town

Right now, a girl cat is nibbling for attention.  It is difficult to type when whiskers are brushing against my knuckles.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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