the Internet as Back-up

As anybody who has been around me for awhile knows, I have quite an ‘ooo-la-la’ thing going for Alex Trebek, the host of the tv show JEOPARDY! and often rearrange my day to be able to watch the program.
Mahalia usually is my companion as well.

Today was the day Lucas was done with his apartment in Urbana.  He left it nice and clean, then needed me to fetch him and a few items, take the keys to the realtor’s office during business hours, so forth and etcetera.

Along with the drive back home, I completely missed the show, and gosh darn it all, the champion has already been winning all week.

Never Fear, My Dears, all I had to do was go to the home site of JEOPARDY! and read a few of the messages.

I learned that Justin won again, even though he missed the Final question.
there is a photo of Alex with his best “I’m the host” smile

Not quite as good as watching the show in real time,
but close enough until next time.

Lucas gets on a plane Monday, so our weekend will be quite busy.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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