Three Days in for Spring Break

Spring Break for the school district is happening this week, yet this morning, I automatically checked the SubFinder to see if a job is available.  A creature of habit is me.

Sunday was luncheon of major importance at church, the Appreciation Meal for all the hard worker volunteers who just finished a successful Mennonite Relief Sale.

click on the picture to see some of what was donated

the Fellowship Committee (of which I am an assistant) was responsible for the lunch event

Lasagna (both kinds, with meat and for vegetarians), salad, bread, variety of desserts, lemonade to drink.
the preps were done by others, I ran the dish machine after

the drink was supposed to be self-serve, but I noticed the little spout was not working well (as in drip-drip-drip onto the table), plus folks were coming by with silverware in one hand and full plate in the other, so How would they be able to get the drink?
so I began filling glasses and setting them out for pick-up, which seemed to help the line go much smoother

the estimate is there were 130 people who ate fine

Monday, I devoted to pictures, as in getting them off my camera chip to make room, getting prints at a store, putting them in labeled folders on the computer
back here at the house, we haven’t seen the top of the table since 02-December-08, which is the date on the receipt closest to the wood, under all the items needed to stuff envelopes

my idea is ~ the family newsletter ~ in the mail ~ Saturday

It can be considered either late for last New Year
or early for next…. if my plans come together

Hope Springs Eternal

My car went out to the mechanic last evening.  The front wheel is making a whine when the speed gets above 30 mph.  If need be, I will drive Husband’s car, but it is better that I have a reason to stay home doing activities.

Today, I had intended to strip our queen size bed and run everything through the laundry.  I decided to wait to begin until after my shower.

Alas, when I got back into the room, there were two cats all comfy and snoozing amongst the folds of aphgans, and who can disturb such adorable critters?

No doubt, You get the benefit, since I’m sitting here writing about it.

well, I spoze I should get going on the newsletter preps
the pictures need name and dates
hardest part is deciding what to type as newsworthy
especially since I do the weblog online

Thank Goodness the envelopes have address done.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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