Spring Break So Far

The last week of a month is usually free of social commitments for me.  I rarely have a committee or group meeting, even the child care at church tends to happen by someone else on the schedule.

So this week, being Spring Break from the job, was especially Open and full of possibility.  I had high hopes for a nap after the lunch on Sunday :), and leisurely activities the rest of this week.

the family newsletter is about halfway
I have envelopes addressed (since before Christmas)
picture pages copied at the copy shop, sorted into piles
stamps purchased

all that remains is the actual writing, edit, print
yet I have run out of oomph for the project

Stalling, actually.  Dawdling.

I wish all my relatives would read our blogs.

Writing twice a week is so much easier than cramming so many happenings onto paper pages.

read Judas, My Brother a book by Frank Yerby which I have never read before, even though he has been a favored author since I was in 7TH Grade
the hardback which I found online for 75¢

another strong case for knowing how to cruise the ‘Net
this finding of treasures

getting close to DONE on the baby aphgan
and I have 10 more rows plus the border to finish
the littlun is due in April

I tell ya, there were some lovely items in the booth at the Relief Sale, but this one of mine will be greatly appreciated, if the compliments so far while I’m working on it are anything to go by
I did not donate a blankie this year, knowing I have two to crochet for April and August

The end of Spring Break is coming up too soon, but I think I have made some progress with what I wanted to do.

I’m saving the reading of the book for last, the most cherished time to relax.

Husband says nobody ever gets finished with all they want to do with free time.

Smart Man, he.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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