Relief Sale Pie Tale

The last few weeks, our church congregation has been busy with plans for the central Illinois Mennonite Relief Sale.

Amongst other things, I donated some bookmarks

a couple of which you have seen before, and will most likely see again because there are more pictures on the chip but I am too tired to mess with them this evening

well Anyway, when I left the event at Noon today, there were still 4 of them on the board, and the lady running the booth said the first to be sold had been the pastels squares.  I figured the navy and orange would go, with the location being so close to the sports teams of the U of IL, but ya never know.
She wanted more of the nylon scrubbies which had been in the same box coming from our church, had several folks asking for them, but I told her we are finding it difficult to purchase the proper type of nylon net.

There was a booth which featured items made by widows in Afghanistan.  Nearby, I overheard a young woman saying she would not be buying anything from that country, her husband had been stationed there for several months and did not need any reminders.

I came home with both a raisin pie I like
and a rhubarb pie for Husband

How does one tell if a pie is good? especially when they are made in kitchens all over the county by volunteers
I mean, the Health Department requires the ingredients list, and individual wrappings, but a pie worth eating is an art form, so it can be very difficult to know if the price is worthwhile, even for a good charity event

here is the one I brought home

I’ll tell you what made me decide on it

first, it has a top crust
and my daddy always said a good pie should have a covering
there were rhubarb pies with a crumbly top, all looked the same

but it is the writing that lured me in

it is actual handwriting, not a computer printout
slightly shaky, as if the hand was tired from using a rolling pin on pie crusts
and the mis-placed h in the title name
and it was the only one like it on the table

Yes, indeedy,
this person probably knows a whole lot about PIE
even if the Health Dept. might frown on the labeling

I waited in line to pay for over a half hour, telling the man behind me how I made my decision to purchase that particular rhubarb pie
this goes to show how friendly the whole event is

I can promise you, the rhubarb pie is very yummy
and the raisin pie, also

In fact, Husband just cut his second piece of the day to have as his bedtime snack, so I think I’ll do the same 🙂

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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