To Allay Your Frets

My husband says I should write something for my blog before he starts to get e-mails asking if he killed his wife and put her body in the deep chest freezer in the basement.
And definitely before I go away this weekend for the church Women’s Retreat.

You have probably surmised that I am away from the computer.
I have a job nowadays, since the school district is in session, plus the Moms Group at church is meeting again, so on Thursday mornings I get to be in the Nursery playing with blocks alongside wee little ones.

Less than a month since the first day of school, but I have been in three buildings so far.  Other staff recognize me, have even put me as priority called to work a job.
The TA Sub work is really squelching any news, citing privacy regulations.
The most fun is when the students remember me, especially if they have been promoted from a lower grade and are now in a new building, yet I am a somewhat familiar face.

My knitted hats and some crocheted potholders grew into a nice pile and were donated to a fundraiser for a residential care facility.
I went through my yarn closet and chose some pretty thread to begin a baby blankie.
And last Sunday was the presenting of Bibles to the new Third Graders, so I added bookmarks for my Gift List.

In fact, someone sitting at the table with me during Fellowship Hour mentioned that my tally seems rather lengthy, and how soon do I expect to cross all the items done?

Well, by Halloween, I’m thinking.
Although one blankie won’t be needed until the baby is due in mid-December, so I will leave it for later.

I’m hoping to hit the sheets a bit early tonight.
It’s been all day since the sound of a cat gagging woke us up before 5am.

My sweet spouse got out of bed with a flashlight and got a wet paper towel to clear away the outcome.  Which was very nice of him, since it happened on the rug on my side of the bed and I would have landed my foot full center.

Not much else going on around here.
As the saying goes “No news means good news”

~~love and Huggs, Diane
oh, I just remembered I do have other news.  My sister called to say that our mom was admitted in the hospital with chest pains.  That was Sunday evening, but by Monday’s phone call, the word was Mom is improving, and tests are being done to find out what is going on.
There are plenty of relatives with her already, so I’m in a holding pattern about whether I drive to the far side of Ohio or not.  She’s come through before without me.

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