A bit of Catching Up III

Well, Saturday evening, Husband and I had a double date with our middle son and his sweetie.  I haven’t shown them the pictures yet, so I am not going to spoil their surprise by sitting a photo out here without permission.
But we did have a nice time in Urbana, what with supper in a sandwich shoppe near the U of I campus, seeing the movie HANCOCK (which was off to a slow start but had a nice finale) then ice cream while sitting outside on a patio soon after it rained.

Then on Sunday, well, there’s nothing quite like having an hour long phone conversation with my youngest sister to help a gal leap over the emotional ditch of losing a loved one.  She also talked about how our friend’s son was clearing out the house and bringing over mementos.
I cain’t recall any one special item I might want, but every time I hold a can of Campbell’s split pea soup I do think of Gertrude serving it to us kids home from school for lunch.

Meanwhile, I have been dealing with pictures.  Last Friday, I sent off 36 envelopes to family and friends.
It took the same amount of time to get them into the hands of my mother in eastern Ohio, my cousin in Fairbanks, Alaska, and my aunt in Tucson, Arizona.  The US Postal Service is amazing.

I don’t have the fortitude to code them all in, but I will provide a few for your viewing pleasure.
One blog friend tells me that pictures make a post seem more interesting.

So here goes.  I’ll write the explanation before each

my mom uses dad’s old boot as a planter for the last 19 yrs

during my whole trip to the Ohio Valley, this is the only picture of me, a reflection in the mirror of the rest room at the banquet facility

a church family friend, Patty, and my mom, Kerma

two of our sons came home for the holiday July 4
Husband set the camera on a tri-pod and we lined up by the garage
George, Lucas w/ beard, Diane in red, Christopher grinning

Husband sold the VW Beetle Bug
so Oscar had to say a fond farewell

the mug I won on the For Better or For Worse website arrived
I opened it right in front of the mailman, who says it is of good quality and nice size.
when I compared with the measuring cup, the amount of fluid is 14 ounces

Right alongside the mug is a card with the personal autograph and nice drawing done by Lynn Johnston herself.

Lastly, I’m gonna turn the message over to my cousin Brenda in Alaska, who writes

Hey Diane,
We received your seasons greetings.  Thanks for the pictures. Your boys are not boys any longer.  They are both good looking young men.
It was great to see the pictures of your mom.
I need to call her, I haven’t talked to her in quite a while.

Our summer season is at its best.  All the flowers around town are in gorgeous, and gardens are finally producing goodies for the table.
We had our first cucumber yesterday and we have had several zucchini.
I tried a new variety this year.
It is round like a ball and about three inch across.
They are very tasty.  love Brenda

I wrote back that her descriptions and pictures are really at odds with my idea about frigid Alaska.  It looks like they get a comfortably nice summer.

We have come to the end of my communication session.

I gotta get back to crocheting cotton potholders.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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