Saw the movie MAMMA MIA!

Ever since my birthday last month, I have been anticipating the opening of the movie MAMMA MIA! starring Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan.
I got to watch Meryl Streep in The Prairie Home Companion on my 50th birthday a couple years ago, so I thought it might follow to see her doing another movie this summer.  Not to mention, Pierce Brosnan would be in many of the same scenes.

Having anticipated for weeks after my birthday, I wanted to see it as soon as I could.  This is also the opening weekend for the newest BATMAN movie, and Husband really wanted to see that one.  (update) Here is his review

He went online and found a theater where each of our choices were advertised, then found showtimes as close together as possible.
MAMMA MIA! was on at 11:30am, then BATMAN began at 11:40.  He would get there a little early (he brought along a book), then I would have to wait awhile after.  We arranged to meet later in the lobby near the food counter, where the tables and chairs provide a good opportunity for people watching.
Which is what I did since I didn’t bring my crochet bag, but hey, we used fuel for only one car.

Anyway, the movie.  Wonderful actors, great ABBA music,

but it was the scenery at its most glorious!
Sometimes when I am about to crochet a bookmark, I will ask my giftee “What’s your favorite color?”  if she should say “Blue” then I ask “What Shade? light, navy, royal?” so I can narrow down the number of balls of thread I have to pull out of the drawer.

I cannot say exactly any one shade of blue is onscreen at one time during this movie.  It could be turquoise, cerulean, periwinkle, azure overlapping.

Actually filmed on an island of Greece, for our viewing pleasure there is the sea and the sky, boats and nets, a tiny village, and stone steps leading upward to a lovely villa.
One must listen carefully for descriptions about the history and beauty of the island.

The songs written by members of the group ABBA, are actually sung by the actors themselves.  Meryl Streep sang alot in the PHC movie, and I had heard Pierce Brosnan sings some pub tunes in the movie EVELYN, but this is ABBA I’ve known since my old vinyl lp purchases from W**LWORTH’s.
They managed to carry the tunes and get the idea across.

After the beauty of the surroundings, I was watching the people.  Not just the main actors, but this was in Greece, so the folks in the background have beautiful dark curly hair and prominent noses, and confident expressions.

The dancing is amazing, especially with everybody out on the boat’s docking place.

But the ladies, the three actresses are the real inspiration.
Meryl Streep, Christine Baranski, Julie Walters are in their mid-50s, and they are in shape enough to really get moving, and they flirt, and they look like they are having a wonderful time.

I would have liked to have seen MAMMA MIA! a month ago during the weekend of my birthday, but this was definitely worth waiting for no matter when it happened.

While I was waiting for Husband in the lobby, it was all I could do to NOT go over and make an impulse purchase of some overpriced snack.  I’m saving coins of my mad money for the next couple weeks so I can buy a brand new cd (not one used in good condition plus shipping).

So this evening I popped popcorn in the stovetop popper and enjoyed a root beer in the comfort on my own couch.

I thought MAMMA MIA! was some nice entertainment.
Which is all I really expect in the middle of an easy summer.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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