Away I Am

The last few days, I have been up to my elbows in pictures, aka photoprints.  Actual likenesses of people on special paper.  My hand cramped with the writing of who and where on the back of each 4 x 6, then I stuffed some envelopes and made a trip in the rain to the post office to send them.

And if I hadn’t gotten some sad news, I might now have the energy to get pictures ready to code and post on the blog.

As it happens, a message on the phone’s answering machine, in my sister Denise’s voice, says that a dear family friend from the old neighborhood passed away.
She was 83, and had been ill, but I just cannot muster up any other interest right now.  My mind is 10 years old again, with the memory of my hands are shelling peas on the front porch.

Writing is not my first place I go to when I’m feeling low, so for awhile, I won’t be ‘here’.

Last evening, I did crochet a cotton cross to tuck into a sympathy card for her grandson.

And this evening, Husband and I are going to fetch son Lucas then drag him, and hopefully his sweetie, to see the movie HANCOCK starring Will Smith.

Here’s hoping your weekend is doing fine.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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