Tuesday, Tired, Untitled

so very very tired today

I have signed on for 3 days of TA Sub job as academic coach for an LD student who is mainstreamed

we follow the 7th grade class schedule such as 1st hour Language Arts, 2nd Hour Social Studies
all the way through to 8th hour App Com

traipsing up and down the halls, stuck locker door, forgotten homework

I’m in 7th grade all over again and it ain’t easy

In fact, the Math teacher wrote on the board T G I T,
which means Truly Glorious, It’s Tuesday

I also walk to the building in the morning, then home again late afternoon, which is good exercise for my body, and pleasant for my mental adjustments

in fact, today, I stopped off and made a purchase of a nicely steamed mocha latte, which I finished drinking just as I reached the neighbor’s driveway

anyways, I got much to talk about but no energy to communicate more

If you have time and energy left, go on over to see

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E-mail——> Real Mail

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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