Meeting Myself Coming and Going

Another day of a busy week here.

Three different TA Sub jobs for M-T-W, then working playing with blocks and singing the Wheels on the Bus for the Nursery Childcare of the Thursday morning Moms Meeting at church, my Needlework Group that afternoon, grocery shopping, then Friday afternoon a volunteer slot in the Dutch Pantry at the Mennonite Relief Sale.
I turned down a request for me to work as a TA Sub to do the volunteer gig.  Go figure.

Friday evening, some old friends were singing on the stage in the Java Coffeehouse as a program of the MRS, so I took my volunteer’s apron out to the car, picked up my crochet bag, then came back into the building by another door to sit and listen.
As usual, when I’m in a corner with hook and yarn in hand, conversations abound.

Today being Saturday, my mister and I have a breakfast date, then I’m back out to the Sale to do some shopping.
I had a look around last evening, but nothing really called out for me, so we’ll see how much of my saved up cash I’m willing to part with.

This afternoon, I have to prepare a Sunday School lesson.  I’m a Sub for the Pre-school SS teacher, who is attending her sister’s wedding this weekend.

This evening, Husband and I have a movie date at the historic Normal Theatre.

Sunday is the aforementioned lesson plan scene (send good vibes for me folks, there are 6 energetic boys on the roster and I haven’t taught pre-school in 4 years),
then an appreciation luncheon at the church, then an organ concert in the afternoon.

The dirty laundry is piled high, and I have only one pair of pants left not in it.
We’ll see how I can manage to get that chore done.

Husband is working on his bicycle.  He’s not missing me too much just now.

Have a peaceful weekend, yer own selfs.

~~love and Huggs, Diane


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