A bit of Catching Up II

It seems I have some catching up to do.

I never got around to taking pictures of all the goodies purchased at the Relief Sale.

Top item was a rhubarb pie, as per request of my housemates.  Usually I buy a raisin pie because I never see one anywhere else, but Chris said that meant I would eat the whole thing myself.  I don’t think my innards or backside would appreciate, no matter how many days I stretched it over.
Rhubarb is one we all love.  Last piece gone Monday.

I asked the clerk to hand over one I could see but couldn’t quite reach across the table.  It was a rhubarb pie with a lattice look top.  That particular tool which makes the pie so pretty is a specialty gizmo, so I figured anybody who had gone to the trouble to own one of those would think pie baking is truly an art.
My instincts proved me right, that was one really good rhubarb pie.

For balance, I bought a single slice of raisin pie at the lunch counter.  The crust was alright, but not nearly so tasty as other pies I have been blessed with.

Also was a snack I love, which is Ritz crackers spread with peanut butter, made into a little sandwich, then dipped in semi-sweet chocolate which hardens.  A dozen in the package, and I hoarded them for 2 a day all week long.  I ate the last one this morning alongside my tea.

A couple little bags of dried fruit, some “puppy chow” made with cereal, Pfeffernuts, and sugar cookies which I used for my Sunday School class at snack time.  The boys liked them well enough, but were more interested in playing with toy trucks.

I also purchased 2 drawstring cloth bags size 8 x 10 inches for 25¢ each.  I figure I couldn’t get fabric for that price.  I dunno what I’ll do with ‘em yet, but my pack rat radar is on high alert.

I got a wooden, hand-carved toy whistle for $1.  I dropped it into my school bag.  Next time I’m outside on the playground, it might come in handy.  I can’t whistle between my teeth like a gym teacher I know.

For my gifts-on-hand box, for $2.00 each, I bought 5 bookmarks made with real flower petals laminated onto pretty paper and having a Relief Sale stamp on the back.  Whenever I am too busy or lazy to crochet one, this comes in handy to tuck into a card.

The stuff I donated seemed about so-so for customer pleasure and purchase.  I lost count of the potholders, what with the ones my friend Linda donated too, but they were moving along much quicker than the baby hats.  I think this time of year is the wrong weather for baby hats, so I’ll stockpile some for autumn.

My lacy bookmarks were priced at $3 each and the first one sold a minute after the booth opened.  Another one sold early next morning, then the clerk said a single person bought the last 6 all at once just before 10am Saturday.

The other bookmarks at the table were counted cross stitch, and I’m pretty sure they were leftovers from last year.  This would usually carry me onward to a rant about how it’s wrong to let donations sit in a box rather than getting the good stuff out where people can use it, but I shouldn’t go there again.  My therapist would have a hard time trying to decipher my intentions.

As you see last post, Really put in some long hours this week.
Until this morning.
It wasn’t my turn in the church nursery for the Moms Group, but I didn’t tell the SubFinder system of the school district.  I slept in until Husband was almost ready to leave for work himself.  Then I putzed around on the ‘Net, fixed poached eggs for breakfast, sat in the kitchen making small talk with my college boy.
Ran a couple errands, then returned home to put a beef roast and veges into the crockpot.

When it was time to go to Yarn Group, I was more than ready to have some fun.

And then, our new gal was back and said she could teach me to begin knitting left-handed!  So I set aside yet again the end and border of my nephew’s aphgan, went back to the storeroom, found some knitting needles and yarn.
I learned how to cast on and garter stitch.
Got 3 rows done, and the tension looks even.

I hope to knit a dishcloth by next meeting.
Since Spring Break began today at 3:30pm I think I ought to have some project done to show for all the time away from the alarm clock.

Also, I really really want to finish crocheting the camouflage colors aphgan.
The dang thang is humongous and quite warm.
This afternoon, I did get 3 rows done while watching a rerun of OPRAH and Celine Dion.

So nice having worry-free supper going in the crockpot.

My guys say supper was wonderful.  There’s enough leftovers for maybe one person’s lunch, so we might have to put names in a hat.

That looks like I have you all caught up.  Most other folks might have more to say, or other interesting questions to fish for comments.
My mind just doesn’t bend in that direction.
This is what I’m doing because the tv schedule says college basketball is on several stations.  I guess that is what they mean by March Madness.

The great supper means I made quite a mess in the kitchen.
I gotta go get the dishwasher loaded.

~~love and Huggs, Diane



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