Pattern Purchases

Spring colors bookmark

Sunday afternoon, I made this bookmark.
It took awhile longer than I expected to figure out the pattern, and by square 3 I had already done an alteration.
Pretty soon, I’ll be making another in different colors.

A couple weeks ago, I was online wandering around E-Bay.
I like to look, even though I asked Husband to keep PayPal in his name only for the reason that I would become a shopaholic if I was able to just click and ship.  If I have to think about an item before I pester his tired workingman’s hands, I usually tell myself my wanting can be overcome.

On that day, however, I saw crochet patterns.

And there were 0 Bids at the time.

When I perused the Seller’s Other Items, I came upon a different booklet of crochet patterns.

The way shopping is set up, so few clicks, so much interest!

And so off to the basement I went, just to talk a little.
My husband has a soft spot for me when it comes to crochet, and so he said to send him the link and he would put in Bids and keep them on his Watch list.
This also makes sense since he is on computers all the time, but my job takes me all over the place.

While he was in such a nice mood, I also sent a link for some crochet hooks.  There were 12 in the auction, so I said $12 max would be reasonable.
He said since I was so upbeat about that particular brand, he upped the Bid to $25.

As the days went by, the Bids began to come along, and they went up and up for the crochet hooks, so we didn’t get them, even with such a high max.

We did get the pattern booklets with combined shipping.

Didn’t I say my sweetie has a soft spot for me and crochet?

Well, there is a store in Canada which has the AERO brand of crochet hooks with a Buy It Now price.
He has ordered 3 hooks for me, to be shipped directly, with no worries about Bids or timing.

Just thought I’d mention that I have life pretty good.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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