Easy Weekend Past—Easy Week Ahead

We had a nice weekend here.  Well, not the weather which was cold and blowy, but events were fine.

Saturday afternoon, Husband and I went treadmill shopping.
We’ve been trying to save a little each month, but it seems like that money always needs to go somewhere like car repairs or a tooth crown.  Then we learned that a local exercise equipment store is having a great sale, and offering a no-interest loan as well.
By the time I tried out 3 treadmills, I realized that my legs really need one for routine use.
The papers are crossing desks, and I hope to be able to schedule delivery this week while I’m on Spring Break.

Saturday evening, Husband and I walked over to Uptown to see a movie at the historic Normal Theater.
Starting Out in the Evening was the title of a book I read a couple years ago.  I wanted to see if this movie was based on the book, and yes, it was.
The movie holds onto the spirit of the written words, yet stands alone with outstanding acting.  (here’s the trailer)

for Easter Sunday services, I hadn’t promised to do anything, so I got to sit back and enjoy all the hard work of other folks.
The choirs, both Junior and Adult sang wonderful.
The solo guy did an outstanding job.
The musicians showed talent with guitar, trumpet, cello, viola, violin, and the grand piano.

And the Sermon, my goodness, the minister was in top form.  Both he and the children’s storyteller were speaking directly for me I think.  I’ll have to hold these things and ponder them in my heart.

For Lunch, we deliberated awhile, then decided on a certain restaurant.  Riding our bicycles through fluttery snowflakes, we learned the holiday is an excuse to close a business for employee R & R.
There were some good smells coming from a place up the street, so we stopped there.  It was only about half full of customers.  The waitress said they had over-staffed, expecting better business.  I say that nobody wants to figure out the parking problems around all the construction zone.  Riding our bicycles on a Sunday afternoon was for the best.

Sunday evening, I did some crochet, and Husband did technician work on Chris’s computer while the son was out of town.  No better time to do upgrades than when the owner is away.

As we were getting ready for bed, Husband asked if I work in the morning.  I gave a little shout “Hell No, It’s Spring Break!”
He grinned and said he will ask me the same question every night this week, just so I can respond the same way!

My plans are to catch up laundry, rake some of the yard we missed last Fall (if the outdoors ever gets warmer, 34o isn’t ideal for holding onto a rake handle), finish crochet border on nephew’s aphgan, practice knitting before Yarn Group, dentist appointment, driving an hour to see son Lucas for his belated birthday fun (can you believe middle son is 25 years old? he was only 6 weeks old when we moved into this house) and cook regular suppers so we have leftovers in the fridge.

There might happen some other chores if I’m so inclined.
Not much in the way of socializing on the week’s schedule.
The ideas just didn’t fall together.

Talk to ya later~~love and Huggs, Diane

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