Our Latest Arrival

Last Summer when I was clearing out the study (you can search my Archives to verify) I was doing so with the idea that we would need the space because we would be buying exercise equipment.
Something to keep us moving indoors during the long months of snow and ice outdoors.

Alas, the financial gods did not smile upon us.

There came needs for eyeglasses, car repairs, tooth crowns
beyond the usual monthly bills and groceries and yarn.

Then last week, Husband said he had heard a local sporting goods store was having an end-of-season sale to clear some floor space for bicycles.  So with tax return in mind, we set about shopping for a treadmill.

Let me tell you, this is a well-considered purchase.

We paid almost as much for it as we did for my car.
(free water bottle included)

Now I have to oust Mahalia and take it for a test stroll.

~~love and Huggs, Diane
disclaimer: the machine is in the OFF position while the cat explores

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