My hat made a good first impression

Today’s job as a TA Sub was in a Third Grade classroom.  One of the duties was playground supervisor during Lunch Recess.  Classes/ages Kindergarten thru Third Grade were outside enjoying a cold but sunny time at mid-day in the early Spring.

I was very glad I had chosen to wear my winter coat, gloves, and knitted hat.  I call it my Christmas hat because the yarn had been a gift and I worked it on my round loom on Christmas day.  The colors more or less match my coat.

A little girl about Kindergarten age came over.  She was wearing a hat quite similar to my own, and the colors matched her coat.  I recognized the knitted pattern, plus there was a pompom sewed to the top.

She stood a few feet away, obviously gathering courage to speak first to a grown-up, even one who is wearing the lanyard and ID tag of a teacher.

Finally, she came over directly in front of me, looking at a spot above my eyes, but out of the glare of the sun.

“Did my grandma make your hat?” she asked.

I was busy watching a trio of girls over in the corner who really thought nobody noticed when the pea gravel got kicked knee high.
Ah yes, another supervisor was on to their ways and went over to remind them of the rules.

I looked down at the child asking the question, and gave her a lopsided grin.

“No, I worked this hat myself” was my reply.  “Although I have made many others, too”.

She paused a few seconds, then asked “Do you know my grandma?”

She is too young to understand that a grandma has a name, so my answer was “I hang around with many people who know how to work with yarn, so your grandma could be my friend someday.  She sure knows how to make a pretty hat.” seemed to satisfy her curiosity.  She ran off to play with her buddies.

We just never know what little detail will capture interest.
I’ll bet she will be getting knitting lessons someday.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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