Still a Germ Battle going on

So far, the youngest son has not been slowed down by ‘flu germs, tho I think they’ve decided to have a second run with me.  I can hardly get the sound of words to leave my mouth, and folks on the phone have a difficult time understanding me.

Although Husband returned to work yesterday, I had to tell computerized SubFinder to go away until another day.
This means I have missed what could have been an entire week of job opportunities.

Today is a ‘at home’ day.  I’ve got cleaning to do.

Laundry piled high, and it’s full of that particular stink of illness and fever and phlegm.
Fourteen pillowcases—I did not know the linen cabinet had so many.  I guess all the purchases at yard sales paid off, we were able to change them at regular intervals.

There was a report in the paper about how many patients were at clinics and medical facilities.
Apparently, this ‘flu was overlooked by vaccinations, and hit people of all ages and throughout the county.

I sure hope you and other Dear Ones are not in its path.

The weather and gunslingers are wreaking havoc enough.

Stay Comfy.  Drink Plenty of Fluids.
Don’t lose your gloves.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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