Bookmarks Done, had to wash away germs

these are going to the MYF Silent Auction on Saturday night

for other boring details about my week off sick…..

One day last week, I worked as a TA Sub in a classroom where 2 students, and as implied, the regular TA, were out sick.
Heard in passing, I came to understand that at least one of those had been given a ‘flu vaccination.
We then sent one student home with a fever, and were closely monitoring another whose temp hadn’t climbed quite high enough and whose parents are of the type who think that the kid must be half dead before they could be bothered at work.  I know the scene well.

Thursday evening, my own body began feeling fatigue and aches, so I figured the germs were upon me.  I hadn’t asked for a ‘flu shot, it’s been ages since I’ve caught it, and my gambling had lost.

I was glad the school district declared an inclement weather day for Friday because I would have had to say NO to everybody and I do like a chance for earning a paycheck.
Actually, the whole county was off last Friday.
10.1 inches of snow will do that to an area.

Saturday I moped around, doing the least little thing such as cooking ramen noodles on the stove, eating, and washing out the pan drained my energy so that I had to rest on the couch awhile.

I wrote an e-mail in sick for church on Sunday morning, and received some nice e-greetings and get well wishes through the afternoon.
My fever broke around Noon that day, and by evening I could tell I was walking the road for recovery.

When the computer SubFinder called, I punched the button telling it not to do it again for another day.

On Monday, I had a taste for some Vege Beef soup, so I figured with the weather getting warmer, I could clear off the cars and make the short trip over quiet streets to the new grocery store a mile away.
When I was talking to the clerk scanning my items, he mentioned that I sounded like I’m coming down with a cold.
Yep, hoarse and squeaky voice.

Some conversations on the phone corroborated my plight.  One lady mentioned that if I am still as sick as I sound, then I should not be planning to do any cooking in the church kitchen for Family Fun Nights.  Nobody is going to want me near their food.  With that being an extra day away, I thought I might be able to make it.

Tuesday morning, SubFinder calling woke us up.  I had to say No all over again.  When I got to the computer to view the actual schedule, there were 7 positions open, and I had to individually decline them all, saying I’m sick.
Tuesday when I went to vote, just giving a cough into a bounty towel and trying to say my name caused looks of alarm on all the Election Judges faces.  I must sound much worse than I am feeling right now.

Another phone conversation with the kitchen committee and I learned there is a willing replacement who can help with cooking Wednesday night, so I was told to keep my germs at home.

Now the problem with that is two other people live here.

Husband missed work Tuesday and Wednesday.  He mustered up some energy to go out into the rain and have me drive him to the polling place.  He washed his hands well, and used gloves while doing the activity.  The folks on the other side of the table must have really had a rough time fulfilling their duties with all the voters from all directions and backgrounds coming by.  No wonder there were places under quarantine back in the day.

Because of Family Fun Nights, I had SubFinder marked that I would be Unavailable, so no phone calls this morning.  The computer schedule has 8 positions open, but I did not have to do anything there.

And so, here I sit, nearly Noon and still in my bathrobe.
Around 10:30 this morning, the rain turned to snow, even though the weather page says it is currently 33oF.  There’s almost an inch on the window sill already.
A school district in the next county is dismissing at 1pm, and several church services for Ash Wednesday are cancelled for tonight.

But I have nowhere to go and nothing to do.

Except hope that the youngest son doesn’t get sick.  The kid is way too busy to take time out for recuperation.  He’s got college classes, guitar ensemble, choir, two jobs.

Here’s hoping you and yours are in a good place.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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