A Rather Full Friday

The sound of the snowplow working in the street woke me up this morning.  The light coming through the top edge of the curtains was much brighter than it should have been.  The longer days approaching Spring, and reflection of the snow made it hard to judge the when.

My heart jumped to high alert as I reached over for a glance at the alarm clock.
Fifty minutes past the time I should be up and getting ready for a job.

No—Wait.  Today is School Improvement Day!  No Classes!

Regular staff have to be at work, getting all the strategy ready for students to be taking the State Assessment Tests next week.  No need for a TA Sub, though.

I settled back in under the blankets, arms above my head under the pillow.
Oscar was cuddled in between my feet, but Mahalia decided that 50 minutes was long enough to be waiting for her breakfast, so she jumped up on the bedside table and began stroking her paw on my bent elbow.  When it didn’t move again, she bit it.  Not enough to break the skin, but enough to pay attention.

Oh Yeah, I should be getting up and taking my turn in the bathroom.
Husband did have to get ready for work soon.
He said I could shovel the driveway this time.

I puttered around the kitchen.  The dishes from yesterday were still in the sink and on the counters, but I had plans for doing laundry, so the dishes would wait.
Our 18-year-old water heater is getting cranky.

The first load was churning while I fixed some ramen noodles for breakfast.  With my fork poised over the bowl all too often, I wrote a list for errands and groceries.  I try to plan driving the car as little as possible, and avoid being near the university between classes when the pedestrian population multiplies.

The carrier brought the mail early today.  Well, maybe it was his usual time, but these days, I’m not often home to see him.  The pile included a handwritten letter from my youngest sister.  She doesn’t do e-mail, but still, handwriting on sheets of paper seems like a bit more than needed.  Ah well, to be a receiver of old-fashioned manners is appreciated.  All is fine back in the Valley.

On the last page, she makes a request would I please make hats for her and her husband? even saying their color preferences.
They really like the hats I gave to Mom.

Can ya tell she’s the youngest and that I’ve let her have her way all our lives?  I’ll call her later and give her a time frame.  Right now, I’m busy with projects for the Mennonite Relief Sale in a couple weeks.

I shoveled the newest inch of snow off the walks and driveway.  The way the sun was shining, they would be dry after awhile.

My errands were to the church building, two places that sell yarn (and I made a purchase at each, not that I need more yarn, but the colors on Clearance were calling), the thrift store (got a ‘new’ sweater, cat food bowl, and gift bags with handles), Kroger to fill my prescription and get groceries.

By the time I got home, my foot was aching and my tummy growling.  Leaving the house at 10:45am and returning at 4:40pm makes for a long day.
I realized I had not eaten a thing since the ramen noodles.
First time in quite awhile I forgot to eat!  I did it all too often in my teens and 20s.

A nice surprise when I got home was that son Chris had loaded and run the dishwasher.  The counter was clear so I could set down the groceries!
He’s got a real full weekend ahead, something to do with guitar music and school.  He had to cancel all his teaching sessions for the second Saturday this month.

After putting away all the cold stuff, I came over to call Husband and ask how much he would want for supper.  He said all he had for lunch was chicken soup and a piece of bread, so a more substantial supper is called for.

I had purchased ground buffalo meat, but had forgotten to return to the bread aisle for buns.  I checked the 6 day old buns on the shelf and didn’t spy any mold, so a honkin’ big sandwich with real meat made for a fine supper.

Today’s third load of laundry is just about done in the dryer.

Then comes a nice rerun of the tv show NUMB3Rs, so I’ll sit down with crochet hook in hand.

Here’s hopin’ you and yours have a nice weekend!

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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