One Chore Partway Done

On the way home from breakfast, I drove north on Main, then stopped at the Mobil station to fill’erup.

When the nozzle went Thunk, I absent-mindedly pulled it out of the car then hung it back up, closed the gas cap and door,
walked around, got in and started the engine.
As I was putting on my gloves, I noticed the needle in gas gauge did not move all the way to the F at the top.

I backed up a bit so I could look at my purchase, still reading on the pump.

$17 and change   5.76 gallons

No way would that fill the car, not when the price is $3.169 per gallon.

I figure the pump must have parts frozen, and no way was I gonna go through the routine again too soon.

In the driveway, the gauge reads that I have just over a half tank of fuel.

Better than nothing, but it means I’ll have to stop again sooner at the gas station.

I can remember when putting in $5 of gas at a time was all we could afford.

Have a Good Day!  I don’t have to be at work until Noon.  Half day Friday is nice.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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