Results Going to the Relief Sale

Hello, Folks,
My hands have been quite busy the last couple months.  Our Mennonite Relief Sale is coming up, Friday evening March 14 and Saturday March 15.

I had some scrap yarn ballies, so I decided to crochet cotton potholders and work some baby hats on my knitting peg loom.  The knots don’t show quite so much with such simple items.

To get the pictures, I took a bedsheet out to the front yard on a sunny afternoon.  I didn’t get real technical, this is more for storytelling than historical reference.

click for another view

click for another view

There are 30 cotton potholders that I made, plus 9 cotton potholders and 4 cotton dishcloths crocheted and donated by a friend from the Thursday Yarn Group.

Also are 30 baby hats, made of 4-ply acrylic yarn, and worked on my round knitting loom.  My hats usually fit a baby of the ages 1 to 4 months.  The hospital says they are too big for newborns, so I wasn’t able to donate any over there.  Over the last year since I learned how to knit the hats, I have given some as gifts to new mothers who truly love the cuteness and convenience of the hat for their own baby, so I’m hoping some folks are willing to buy them at the sale.

my donations went into gift bags

and carried to the church building where they will be displayed awhile before going on to the Handcrafts Booth at the Relief Sale.
A few years ago when I had all my hard work in a large clean trash bag, someone picked it up thinking it really was trash.  I had to quickly chase it down before it was tossed into a dumpster.
Ever since then, I re-use nicer bags to donate my work.

The other day, I began a baby aphgan, but there has also come a request for more crocheted bookmarks.  With less than 2 weeks to keep hook in hand, I won’t promise any more than what I can get done.

Meanwhile, my 4 day weekend is almost over.
The cross-offs on my list haven’t gone through all the tasks I had planned.

Added interruptions were a funeral for our church congregation’s oldest member (a real nice 100 year old lady and crochet buddy)
a bicycle ride with Husband,
and a phone conversation with my youngest sister.
My youngest son putting enough clothes down the laundry chute for 2 more loads, after I thought I was done for a day
and an ingrown toenail soaking and extraction (without having to go to a clinic! and it feels so much better).

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles is beginning.
I’ll be at the other screen.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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