Oh, I’m not going out in the weather

Today, Monday 10 Dec, there was to be a Christmas Party for our Mennonite Women’s group at church.
I had clicked myself as Unavailable as a TA Sub because of it.
Then yesterday afternoon, I got a phone call saying the party would be Cancelled and probably not re-scheduled because of the weather.
I checked online for the SubFinder computer system and saw that several job positions are available, but decided to leave my own Unavailable in place.

I mean, do YOU really want to go to work when outside looks like this?

outside my window at 8:50am 10 December 2007 temp is 30°F

There were already several school districts on the Cancellation List before I went to bed last night.  I figured by this morning, looking out at that ice and the fog and the dropping marks of the thermometer that our district would also be closed.

Nope, as of 6:50am we would be having classes.

Without any qualms at all (and it has taken me quite a bit of therapy methods to feel free)
I’m letting the Unavailable rest in place.

A few minutes ago I turned on the tv to see if there is any breaking news.  The text across the bottom of the screen mentions even more school closings, but our dear ol’ Unit 5 has school in session but buses are not in service to rural routes.


Anyway, I’m not at a job, but still sitting here in my warm and snuggly velour robe having my third cup of tea.

I wonder when young son has to get up and go take a Final exam at ISU?

You All be Careful out there….

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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