A little this and that II

Last week, I worked as a TA Sub for 4 days, and on Thursday helping with childcare at church in the morning then going to Needlework Group in the afternoon, and attending the Christmas party for Husband’s job in the evening, so yeah, I was quite ready for the weekend.

One of the study groups I was leading was for Math.  The students were adding three 3-digit numbers by grouping—no calculators.  When it came time for me to grade their papers, the teacher said she did not have an Answer Key ready.  I asked if I could use the calculator.  When the response was Yes, I scooted my chair back to go get mine from my bag.
A girl shoved something across the table and said I could use that one.
As I returned with my own, I said “I prefer to use my own calculator because I’m familiar with its functions.  I’ve had it ever since my Algebra class at HCC”.
Five pairs of eyes looked at me like I had grown another pair of donkey ears.
I should be used to people looking at me like that, it’s happened since I was in Second Grade and said ‘manipulate’ during a science lesson.  It was a word I had read in a book and it just came out within a regular sentence.

Anyway, one of the boys caught the word Algebra and hung on.  He asked if he would ever get to take Algebra, but his sister really hates it.  I had to choose my words carefully now, I mean adding numbers by grouping is usually a 4th grade lesson and we were sitting in a 7th grade LD class.

I told him that I got educated in the Intermediate Algebra class at the community college when I was 49 years old, and got my diploma a couple weeks before my 50th birthday.  And I said he could do it too, if he worked long and hard.

I got my things into position to grade their Math papers.  I had my red pencil to mark with in my left hand and worked the calculator keys quite quickly with my right.  I tell ya, I really had plenty of practice doing Math problems during those 4 semesters.

They watched in awe.  You ever feel like you ain’t gonna make it in this world, then go to work awhile with folks who really do have to struggle every minute of every day.

In another room another time, I realized I hadn’t changed the Date setting on my wristwatch.  November had only 30 days.  I took off my watch and reached up to pull out the little stem to make the adjustment.  Within seconds, a young man’s ear was brushing against my own.  He wanted to see what I was doing, how I was making the hands move.
He said he had never seen anybody ever fix a watch.  Some folks would feel awkward, having a kid so close, but I simply explained the steps and the points.  I let him wear my watch for awhile.  Now he says he wants a watch like it for Christmas.  Mine is 14 years old, but refurbished when it was 10.  I looked around in store display cases, and noticed there are not many styles of watch with an actual clock face and numbers and hands.
Maybe Santa can find one for him.  I got tired.

Husband and I went out for breakfast Saturday morning like usual.  He said he didn’t feel well, not the upchuck kind of sick, but the achey all over kind of sick.  He went back to bed almost as soon as we got home.

I decided I really needed to go out to buy an orange sweatshirt.  The school colors are black and orange, and Spirit Day is Friday so each building has halls full of a river of orange shirts during the changing of classes.
Somehow I ended up at K*Mart, and I’m so glad I did.  There was a sale going 20% off athletic apparel.  I got my own shirt and a couple Christmas gifts.  I was back home by Noon, which was when some really bad weather got going.

I did not leave the house again from then until 3:40pm today (Monday) other than to take out trash and bring in mail.
We got our first holiday card from my cousin in the state of Washington! but just a card it is, no newsletter or picture or anything.
Ah well, at least I’m still on her list.  After all the childhood times we had dressing Barbies and playing Red Rover, I might have expected a bit more closeness.  I’m someone who just loves getting all the chatty chapters from friends far and wide.

I called my sister Danna yesterday.  She is at home feeling a little better, still taking blood-thinner drugs, resting with her leg propped up on pillows.  Whenever she has to go for tests at the lab in the hospital, a car and driver come to chauffeur her there and back.  Since it is her right leg having the clot trouble, she can’t drive herself.

My car got taken out to the mechanic.  Something wrong in the left front wheel when I’m turning corners.
On the way home, we stopped for a few groceries.  Iffen I decide I want to go out again in the next couple days, I’ll have to drive Husband’s car.
The way the weatherman is pointing at maps, I will be glad to be indoors.  I’ve got plenty of hobbies and housekeeping to stay busy.
Cross your fingers that the school district displays caution.  The newspaper’s website has some rather irate comments about school routines.

My guys are in the kitchen talking about the jawbone of a deer, and cameras, and holiday decorations.  They talk about more stuff when I’m in another room, yet eavesdropping nonstop.

Well, the evening is half over and I have other things to do.
You probably do, too.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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