Snowy Sunday

Youngest son Chris drove to Urbana last night after work.  He is done with the semester at ISU, and his sweetie is much less boring than the middle aged parents he shares this house with.
He called as soon as he got there, said the roads were okay, only an extra 20 minutes or so of traveling time.

What greeted me this morning when I opened the door to bring in the newspaper.

I decided to play hooky from church.  Clearing the car and getting it to warm up on time seemed too soon to me.

My car is still in the shop until Tuesday, so with only Husband’s car parked in the driveway, the space got really full of snowdrifts.

All the years I was a stay-at-home mom, Husband walked or rode his bicycle to work.  It was pretty much me and the kids who cleared paths, shoveled out the car so I could get to the grocery store.  It was a social event for us, a reason to be outside even if school had been cancelled.

Today, I wanted to shovel out early so the sun could melt any traces left on the walks and driveway.  It seemed pretty lonesome for awhile, with only the neighbor’s dog coming over to stand by the pole and watch.
When I came inside to warm my cheeks and toes, I persuaded Husband to come out to help with the rest.

He says shoveling snow is a meditative activity, not social at all.

And he didn’t make anything social about it either.  It seemed I was usually standing right where he wanted to toss a shovelful.  Being taller and stronger, he did get the space clear much more quickly than I would have.

the front of the house after the porch was cleared

So now I’m going to sort and fold clean laundry, then sweep the kitchen floor.

Later I think I’ll pull a movie tape from the cabinet, then sit down to watch while I crochet another pair of potholders.

I suppose this is what a Sunday is for, takin’ it easy.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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