Thank Goodness It’s Friday means what it says

You might have noticed quite a lapse of time has passed since I last wrote for the blog.  It’s not that I want to diss you, but when I leave a school building and get home in the late afternoon, I really don’t have the energy for any more communications.
You can go over to the Unit 5 website to read a partial list of TA Sub duties if you are all that interested.  Not to mention that I’m not yet familiar with the layout of each place and where is? the Girl’s Restroom or the Teacher’s Workroom and I’ve worked in three different schools this week.
I’ve been invited back to each, so I guess I’m filling in fine.
The position I subbed today was good for a longish Friday—I was a Room Aide—no duty on Bus Lane, Cafeteria, or PE monitor.

My guys are probably as tired as I am.
Being capable, dependable people brings a price.

After supper, we did listen to a song on our old cd of The Animaniacs.
A small reason for us to smile at the end of a seemingly long week.

Will write more over the weekend, if I don’t sleep away the days.
So far as I know, current plans don’t involve me.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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