Song worth a listen

A rather mundane task of going to the craft store for a proper shade of blue 3-ply yarn got a bit sidetracked this morning.

These days, it’s not often that the car radio announces the name of the artist just as the song begins to play.
However, luck was on my side as to who is bringing us a tune.

The name Jon Bon Jovi usually makes my heart skip a beat, along with a catch in my throat.

I was just coming up to the entrance of a parking lot, and as I heard the first beats of the drum coming out of the dash,
I quickly decided to turn in so I could really be able to have a good smolder listen.

(You Want to) Make a Memory is on the latest album Lost Highway by the band Bon Jovi.

I read more about it after I got home and did an Internet search.

Always happy to make introductions.

~~love and Huggs, Diane
ps yarn purchased will soon become a granny square baby blankie

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