Quite alright, I’m just busy over here

On Saturday afternoon, I went pants shopping.  I found one black pair and one denim pair in my size on sale at JC Penney.
They both should be fine for the job—I’m allowed to wear jeans on Fridays.

Saturday evening I began knitting this hat on my round loom, and got so far as to have the cuff folded, then finished it Sunday morning during the Fellowship Hour at church.  I like keeping busy there, and yarn is always a great conversation starter.

It will go into the next package I send to my mother.

Sunday afternoon, baked Oatmeal Choco Chip cookies, alternating with working to get 6 loads of laundry through the routine.

The sun is setting, but the weather is pleasant.
I have the windows near my desk open, with a cat on the shelf beside each.

Husband went to deliver wood bookcases (handmade in the garage) to son Lucas.
Son Chris has my car off to see the girlfriend.
I can’t report anything else about them, cuz I don’t know more.

I learned sad news in today’s Divorce list in the paper.

My cd music during chores was Josh Groban.
Right now Mike and the Mechanics is playing.
I can’t sit still any longer—get up and dance!

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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