Cats in for Routine Check-up

Our girl kitty, Mahalia, was digging at her ear waay too often for my liking.  I called the Vet and asked what to do, if I should bring her in or just get medicine.  The Vet wanted a specimen, which meant sticking a cotton swab into the cat’s ear for the gunk, wrapping the swab in a clean plastic bag, writing a label, then carrying it off to the lab.

While the receptionist was describing this, she noted the date was past due for both cats to have a rabies vaccination booster.

Well, let’s just make an appointment for that, and while there, the doctor can swab the ear.

The check-ups and shots were this morning.

As soon as, as SOON as, the carrier came out of the storeroom, Oscar disappeared.

I had wanted for him to be the first, since Mahalia often has more of a reaction to shots, but I could Not find the boy cat!

Hally was cowering in the corner next to my crochet bag, as if I might get distracted with my favorite activity.

I decided one cat was better than none.

I swear she grew an extra leg while I was shoving her into the carrier.

So pitiful, her noises while we were in the car.

She’s fine, other than a yeast infection in her left ear.
She climbed into the carrier much more readily after the exam was all done.  We’ve got ear drops to apply.

We got back home, and still no Oscar.  I had set their appointments 40 minutes apart, but didn’t count on magical powers.

Son Chris finally told me to stop calling the cat’s name.

It. Is. Annoying. so early in the morning.

I sat down quietly in the living room, near the crochet bag.
Mahalia decided it might be okay to move around a little, and the first thing she did was go sit beside the end of the couch and sniff.

Well, this is very different from usual.

I crouched down and lifted the ruffle, and saw two glowing eyes.

I had to pull Oscar out by both front legs, and he grew two extra legs while I was getting him into the carrier.

We made it back to the Vet within a minute of the scheduled time.  The Receptionist had a bit of a smile, saying my time estimate going and getting was a bit off.

Oscar also is fine, just needs his teeth cleaned. Later.

On the way home, the dashboard clock said a little after 10am.

I’ve been awake a little over 3 hours, but I’m already sweaty and tired.

Life with pets is quite interesting.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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