Saturday Happenings

A fun weekend this has been so far!

Friday afternoon there was an end-of-semester gathering at the C.o.B. Dean’s house, complete with yummy hor d’oeuvres and choice of drinks.  Husband and I had a nice time.  She lives in a tastefully decorated home in a lovely neighborhood.

That evening we stayed in, watching NUMB3Rs on tv, eating popcorn and drinking root beer.
I crocheted two crosses to tuck into graduation cards.  This is a lean year for those.  In 2003, I had 16 names on my list.

Saturday morning was our breakfast date. I surprised the waitress by ordering the #3 breakfast with biscuits and gravy, rather than my usual #1 with pancakes.

Then we ran an errand to Dick’s Sporting Goods, looking for bicycle parts. The one shown here will be going to Middle Son, Lucas. Even though it was in good condition, it is being upgraded to Excellent, since the kid uses a bike as his primary means of transportation (aka he has never bothered to get a driver’s license or own a car).

Across the street to W*LM*RT for the rest of the shopping list.
While the mister was in the hardware aisle, I scooted over to pick up A Hundred Miles or More, the latest cd by Alison Krauss.
I received a check in the mail, so it was burning a hole in my pocket.
I also cruised through the crafts department. Our store is going to be re-modeled, and the craft corner will be closed. Several items are going on Clearance. I grabbed up 9 skeins of yarn at $1 each to store in my stache stash box.

When we got to the checkout, I reached for the little bar to separate Husband’s stuff from my stuff. He took it away, said he would pay. Consider the cd as a Mother’s Day gift.  Around here, yarn on clearance is a given.
So there is still cash in a bank envelope in the zipped pocket of my purse. I might need it for when I leave town the end of the month.

At home, I put the cd into the stereo and began baking oatmeal cookies. This activity is high on the list of my favorite things to do. Half the batch is going to a dinner this evening at church, and half stays home for us.

Meanwhile, Husband has the bicycle up on the repair stand on the patio. We keep going in and out of the house to talk and see what the other is doing. I tried going out to eat lunch at the table, but he was spraying lubricant on the chain. He came inside with an inner tube in his hands, but I didn’t want new plastics anywhere near food which will be going out to the public.

As the afternoon goes on, the sun seems hotter. We are really missing the shade from the three trees we had cut down last fall. We’re supposed to wait awhile before we plant new ones.

Gonna go now.  Hope your weekend is going well!

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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