Turned out Lovely, not boring for me

Okay, folks, it has been awhile since I wrote for the blog.  Not only was I at a paycheck job, my evenings were devoted to crochet a blankie on deadline.

The mother’s Due Date was May 19, so I had set my finale to be May 12, a week beforehand.
The arrival of the baby came almost a month early, on April 24, and he had to be taken to a very watchful hospital unit.
He’s doing fine, and will be released, um yesterday, I think.

Anyway, the border of the afghan got fastened off this morning.

click picture for a different angle

100% bedspread cotton measures 34” x 36”
double crochet stitch using a size 1 steel hook

When the phone rang this morning, I thought it might be a request for me to come in again to work as a TA Sub.  I was somewhat relieved that it was only a reminder for the mister has an appointment at the dentist office.

So, I settled in to finish the scallop edging of the border on the blankie.  After a few minutes, whether Chris was still sleeping or no, I had to have some entertainment.  There can only be so much interest to listen to the motor of the refrigerator.

I picked up the remote for the tv and began flipping channels.  Martina McBride was singing on a stage set up in the street of New York City.
Ah, yes, Mother’s Day is being celebrated on The Today Show.

As I was working my way past the second corner (getting the point to lay flat can be quite trying with the scallop pattern), that show ended.

I hit the clicker some more.  Ah, yes, The View, where 4 co-hosts outshout each other while wearing microphones in their bosoms.  It does look like Barbara Walters has the final say on a subject, no matter that Rosie has a more harsh reputation.

The last stitch got done as the credits began to roll.
On some things, I’m pretty good with timing.

As I laid it out across the patio table, I noticed the color flow.  The balls of thread were purchased at odd times, definitely not the same dye lot.  Sometimes the blues stayed together, making an unintended geometric pattern.
Cool picture, in the mid-morning light.

Whatever.  It is cottony soft, with some feely quality.
I think this one is the 10th I’ve worked this way, and all the mothers say they just love having such a versatile cover for the baby.  Machine wash and dry, too.

Yesterday at the Yarn Group meeting, one of the others came over and said that working on a blankie like this would be so boring—the same stitch over and over again.
She totally misses my intention of fulfilling that exact reason.  I work on this kind so that I don’t have to think about changing color, or count the pattern.  Just pick up the next loop and work it, over and over until the blankie is big enough to be used well.

Hard to believe I use a smaller hook, but the same size thread, to make the bookmarks.

Speaking of, I have to get 2 done by Sunday for high school graduations.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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