Real Life has taken over

My only day off this week.  I’m a TA Sub in the Special Needs Dept. at West High School.  Seems like all the Regulars want to use their personal days before the end of the semester.

Today, Husband had a dentist appointment.  I went with him and crocheted in the waiting room.
Then we ran some errands.  He said he felt good enough to do the driving.

When we got home, he fixed a protein shake ‘liquid lunch’ and went off to work.  I could never do that.  I usually take the afternoon off if I have to get a filling, then come home and take a nap!

Coming from the basket in the corner, the smell of dying bananas was overpowering the kitchen.
There was naught to do but bake 2 loaves of banana nut bread.  I took one loaf while it was still warm down the street to a good neighbor.  There’s only 2 of them in their empty nest, so I mentioned that if a full loaf was too much, he should carry some on to another friend before it would get stale.
He says no chance, he loves my baking.

The laundry was clean, but waiting to be folded and sorted.  I emptied 5 baskets, and put away the linens.  For the guys, I just set their piles on their beds.  They can live with a bunch in full view the way I do, or they can put their own clothes away.  I’m a bit mean like that…laundry duty goes only so far, no further.

When Husband got home from his job, my new Donny Osmond cd was playing.  He just had to turn it off.  I guess Donny’s voice is an acquired taste.
We all love the Alison Krauss cd.

We watched the tv show HOUSE, MD.  I made a baby hat on my knitting loom. Husband was doing something with a laptop computer.  Our ADD brains are multi-tasking.

There is a girl cat on the window sill to the left of me, and a boy cat on the shelf behind me.  I guess it is time we all went down the hall and have the mattress do what we paid for.

Hold good thoughts for me at the job.  I’m having a revival of old knowledge from my nursing days more than the recent classes in education and math.
Apparently I’m doing alright, the office assistant keeps calling and setting up my work hours.  There are some dedicated teacher aides on that wing of the building.  The $money is good, better than I was earning after years at the daycare center.

When I walked across the stage a year ago, I would never have imagined where I would find myself this month.  I can tell my body has aged 30 years since my LPN days.

All the more reason for ongoing exercise…hear that, Youngsters?

Sorry this seems a bit mixed up.  I really did earn an A in Composition 102, so I know about sentence structure and subject lines and wandering from the theme.

But I do gotta get to bed.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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