Slow Down, I’m blogging this

The cartoon ANIMANIACs had one of the characters saying
“I wrote a song about it” in a stuffy-nose voice, with a British accent.
For years, our family uses variations of the line in many situations.

On the way to breakfast this morning, Husband was driving along past a sign with an arrow pointing to a very promising Garage Sale.

I mentioned yesterday’s great find of 25c for a bag of yarn.

“I wrote a blog about it” I said.

“No, you wrote a POST about it, on your WEBLOG” replied Husband.

This led to my mind jumping around the meaning of post.

Post gets used in so many ways.

There’s the actual upright structure, like a fence post

and the verb, to post a letter or weblog essay

or where you are, like the POST Office

He waited until I got done mumbling, then said something about the old days when somebody would nail a note on a post for all the townspeople to see.

He ended with the line:

“You should write a post for your blog”.

and so I did.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

ps We stopped at the garage sale on the way home.
He bought something, and I think he’ll write a post about it.

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