Garage Sale Find

Only worked a half day this morning.  The kids I would have as Job Coach had Graduation Rehearsal in the afternoon.  There were many other adults with more authority than I carry, so I was fine with the early schedule.

About a block from the school, I noticed a Garage Sale sign.
If Husband had been with me, he would have shrugged and said “Baby Junk” because the most prominent item was a swing and a table full of pink shirts.

However, I had nowhere else to be.  I parked safely around the corner and walked right past the swing and tiny tot clothes.
On the next table was a gallon size zipgrip plastic bag with a sticker of 25c on the corner.  Visible inside were three, yes 3, balls of cotton yarn, 4-ply, just the kind I use to make potholders.  Two still have the paper band around them.  When I picked it up to see if there were detrimental problems, I noticed a crochet hook in the bottom of the bag. I asked if that was the actual price for the whole bag, or was it mismarked?

The lady said she didn’t know from yarn, that her daughter-in-law had come to visit and forgotten the package.  She had called to ask what to do with it, maybe send it, but was told to put it into the sale.
I guess I seemed excited with my find, because then she ventured to ask what I would be doing with that kind of yarn.
I told her all about my potholders, that I crochet for charity events, that the price of yarn at the store has raised 35c a ball since Christmas.
She seemed relieved about helping with a worthy cause.

I came home and took a nap on the couch with Mahalia snuggled in next to my ribs.

When I woke up a whole hour and a half later, I decided I wanted some ice cream on a lovely Spring day.  I left a message on Husband’s voice mail saying I would be at Latte Time.  I ordered a double dip in a waffle cone.
He got there about 40 minutes after I did, so I got a small decaff Mocha Bianca chiller so he wouldn’t have to drink alone.

While he cruised blogs using the laptop, I worked an acrylic yarn baby hat on my knitting loom.  Dang, I’d better get a nice picture in time for Memorial Day, seeing that the colors are red, white, and blue.

This evening, I carried my bag over to show the neighbors.  Yes, there are other items which can be made, but my main interest is baby hats for the hospital nursery, so that’s what I’ve made so far.  They might decide to purchase a set of looms and take the class.  The best advertisement is an enthusiastic crafter like me!

Almost time to make popcorn and watch NUMB3Rs.  I’m not quite so tired this week as last.  Half day on a job is good in so many ways.  It leaves me time and energy to be socialable.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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