the Group is for Giving and Bringing Back

Today was the meeting of The Yarn Group.  I laid out the pink blankie at the end of the table.  Another lady had a granny square lap robe done in shades of blues and reds for the middles, then cream color around each and to hold it together.
One had 8 knitted newborn baby hats, and 2 of them had green clovers in the pattern, with cream color for rest.
Another had 7 preemie baby hats in Easter colors.
One grandma had a scarf done in school colors, which she thought should have been finished for Christmas.  I told her that a grandson would think it was worth the wait.

The one man of the group had been working on a triangle shawl last week.  He said he finished it, then already gave it to the woman at the cancer center.  He said she needed to use it more than we had to see it.

I love the Show-n-Tell we do at the beginning.  Our work is so much appreciated.  The oversize box in the storeroom (I believe it is from a clothes dryer) is about half full of Finished Projects.

Then we do some catching up, some good news, and even the not-so-good.

The one who talks so much wasn’t there today.  The person she gives a ride to said she called Tuesday to say she had a prior appointment.  Which meant I actually got to hear the meaning behind some of the chatter.  I try not to talk too much, I mean, I’m not yet the age of a Senior, I just like to sit-in.

I did get one potholder done, and gave a bit of a lesson to a lady about how to turn the corner for hers. 

As we were winding down, gathering yarn, accessories, coats and hats, someone that I love to hear HER stories, turned to me and told me that she is so glad I come to the group.  She says I am an inspiration because I admire everyone’s efforts and finished items with the same enthusiasm, down to the littlest detail.

I didn’t say so, but I grew my attitude from working with kids.
Everybody wants to believe they are loved and appreciated.
I think the youngest and the oldest humans know best of all about the value of having somebody around who wants to care.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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