the Weather and Love Notes

Baby, it’s cold outside.   

Currently at 7:54 PM
10 °F RealFeel ®:-8 °F
Humidity: 58% Dew Point: -2 °F
Pressure: 30.04 in
Visibility: 10 Miles

So we are staying inside where we pay for the maintenance on the furnace and the gas burning through it.

I’ve been diddybopping around my blog Bookmarks List.
You can tell how bored I am when I actually clicked on an Advert in a sidebar, which led me to Passionote
where for a monetary fee, you can obtain ‘your passion on paper’.

I read a couple of the passages out loud to my guys.

We had much of the type of noise described as a snort.

And we think that with all the college classes and life experiences amongst us, we could probably do pretty well at writing love letters for pay.

Husband brought out his Tennessee accent and said “Hey, there Miszus.  Valentine’s Day is a comin’ up.  Ya wanna go out to that there road house by the lake?  Mebbe get some pork chops?”

Oh yeah, Romance does well these winter nights.

Here’s hoping you are in a warm place with someone you love.

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