Watching Over our Next Generation

Ever since I can remember, I have taken care of babies.  As the oldest of 5 children, lived on a street full of Baby Boomer families, cousins dropping off their little ones at our house, I was around babies quite often.

I had a whole bed full of baby dolls, each with a name and needing attention.

When I got old enough to babysit for money, I had several families who called me first, and often by their children’s request.

When I was in LPN school, I loved the time when our group rotation took me to the Newborn Nursery.  All that potential for good citizens, and we were starting them off in a good place.

When I was a TA in a childcare center, the room I loved most was the Baby Room and singing at Circle Time.  Earning wages while rocking a baby to sleep is a fine job for me.

This is why I felt such a sense of shock, absolute heartache, when I came upon this article at the BBC News website.
to not hear them crying

It seems nurses at a hospital in Russia routinely taped shut the babies’ mouths.  The alleged reason is because there is a shortage of staff and the crying interfered with work.

You can look up pages of studies about infant development, and review training manuals for nurses and teachers.  All will tell you this ain’t the way to go about handling a crying baby.

The person who brought out the story had a cell phone which could take pictures.
I’m all for Freedom of Speech in Technology if it can help the babies.

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