While Bush was in a town on the Prairie

About a week ago, the President of our country, GW Bush paid a visit to a town about an hour away from us.  I made a comment on somebody’s blog about how I thought he was a bit nutty to disembark from Air Force One without a hat when the weather is cold and windy.
Fashion be damned, comfort should prevail.
Then again, iffen he gets an earache and major infection, maybe we won’t have to worry so much about an assassination.

That evening, Husband and I watched the news on tv: the speech, the handshakes, how traffic was halted in the streets while the prez had breakfast in a nice little diner.

Today’s Chicago Tribune paper was delivered to our doorstep.

One tiny little paragraph on the Op-Ed page pointed me to my computer and Media Cynic.

It seems that the prez’s short visit to America’s Heartland included a joyride on a Caterpillar D-10.  Hhmm, wonder why that wasn’t reported during the evening news on the actual date when it happened?
Well, it’s because the members of the press were busy running away from a giant machine which was moving awkwardly by an inexperienced driver.

Within that article is a link to one in Newsweek, which is also quoted by DOF.

There was one time when I got to drive a bobcat for about 20 minutes.  Yeah, it was fun, and the work done would have been grueling for my back if I’d been using just a long-handled shovel.
Although I don’t think anybody had to flee the area while I was driving.

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