Thursday, yeah, I’m good

Today feels like I am having a “glad overload”.
It began with being chauffeur for my working man because the snow is too deep/ ice too abundant for him to ride his bicycle.  He doesn’t like feeling dependent, but I like the extra 8 minutes we are together in the car.

Then I got a nice chatty email from a buddy I know in real life but haven’t seen in ages.  Of course I had to reply asap.

Next came chauffeur for youngest son.  Also time in the car.
On the way home, I stopped at the post office.  It just seemed the easiest thing to do because I don’t really want to be walking when the temperature is hovering near ZERO.

Somewhere along the way, I learned that Kristin Chenoweth is a co-host for a couple days on The View on ABC.  For Christmas, I got the soundtrack for WICKED, plus I have another cd of hers.

A quick check of the tv listings told me the show had already started.  Good thing the line at the post office was speedy.

I don’t watch the show very often, but I liked it today.  The women hosts seem to get along fine.  Having the vivacious KC as the guest host would definitely be an asset.
The guest fella did a cute song from a kiddie show
Johnny and the Sprites

I sure do miss having my knowledge of children’s interests keeping current.

Anyway, I liked what I saw on The View today.
Not to say I’m going to reschedule my life around the show or anything.
Not like I did when I was on medical leave and The Donny and Marie Show became a sort of addiction.

Just after Noon, I arrived at the Yarn Group.  Someone already had a question for me about the pattern for the potholders.

A very lively bunch today—we were giving instructions and carrying around boxes of yarn and holding up color combinations and asking about church meetings and and weaving in the ends for a finished scarf.
I was thinking of how many of my other buddies would fit in with these creative folks.

A nice day so far, even being a Thursday.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

Update this evening:  My brother called from a far-off state and we had a 20 minute chat.  While the phone was busy, my computer chimed an incoming message.  It was Husband saying he could get a ride home from a co-worker.

As soon as he walked through the door, he asked if I wanted to go get some wonton soup and egg rolls.  Well, YEAH!!

After supper, we had to make a delivery to his office, then he was chauffeur because I went to see Bells are Ringing at the historic theatre.  The walk home was cold and tiring.

I’m ready for bed!  Nitey-night.

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