Small Stuff on a Saturday

There doesn’t seem to be much to report around here.
I like to keep my life in a routine on purpose.
My Dad said I have never liked new things very much.  If I were a pre-school teacher giving an evaluation, I would mention the slow ability for transitional situations.
If Dad could see me zipping around the Internet, he would know that there are some new things I take to very well.

There are other folks who are having fun, though.
Maria at Silver Fox went to see a show where an actor portrays Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain.

Mary at Owlhaven is off to a wedding for the weekend, but left a request for links about songs to sing to her children.

Over at Von Krankipantzen,Yoshi is getting measured after her visit to the animal clinic.  Yoshi is next in line for best cat, after my Oscar (photo by Husband) , and Momma’s Molly.
No offense, Kranki, but I knew these kittys first!

Beautiful photos were taken by Uzz who put them up for Stuff Portrait Friday.  I didn’t play this week, but anything I might have done would dim in comparison to the guy with a great eye.

And then Kristine mentioned that she has no words to write (is it Spring that has so many of us in a funk?) yet sent us to The Pondering Pool.

You might be wary of the last link.  I used up minutes many just looking at the pictures and then had to go back and read the text for the cards.  With some, I realized there is a bit of artistic license, but noticed one word had a completely different use and actually is a homonym.

Being a Spelling champion in a previous life, I just had to write in Contact for the artist and mention it.  I’m cranky that way, but I try to be polite in e-mail.
Well, in not too many hours, she responded and said she had not realized, and even her editor had missed it!
I’m still deciding my list to order before I type in any payment numbers.  I will have to get over the word error for that one card because the picture is worthy of much admiration.
You might presume what I’ll be doing tomorrow.
That is, after continuing on Math homework problems.
And sorting the clean laundry.

There have been a few thoughtful comments on a previous post.
Mostly, I let
DoF do the discussing.  He is so much better at keeping a clear head, while I feel like I waded in deeper than anticipated and got swept away by the currents.
Probably should have just let it go while we were still at the kitchen table.
Like I said, routine is my preference.

Well, that’s about it for today.
Unless you wanna come help hang the blue jeans on the clothesline in the basement.  They are all that’s left after 5 regular loads went through the dryer.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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