The Week Begins

Husband and I went to McDs for breakfast.  He most definitely needed last week away from work, but there is something to be said for getting on track again.
At least from my view.  He could putter along with his VW Beetle and saw wood and drill holes and write blogs until the turn of the next century.
Actually, that’s what a vacation is supposed to be, and he has never been a clock-watcher.  I’m the one who gets edgy when the start time for an event happens at the last minute.

Monday mornings when someone else makes the coffee is a good start.  We just kinda sit and wake up slowly and speak up whenever a thought comes around.
Mostly, we do a people watch.
There was a middle-aged woman in one booth.  Reading papers stapled together.  I’d say she is either a college professor or a lawyer, she has that studious air about her.

A grandpa with a little boy of about age 7.  They were talking so much, enjoying each other’s company, that they forgot to eat and the food got cold on the table between them.  When the man looked at the clock on the back wall, they suddenly rushed a few bites, then headed out the door.  Still laughing and touching each other’s hands and jackets.

I heard music which was not coming from the store’s sound system.  I glanced around, then had to peek under a decorative railing.  It looked like a laptop computer was open on the counter.  A little boy, and a girl slightly older, were sitting on the stools, their breakfast unwrapped in front of them, and were watching a cartoon.
I asked Husband about the computer.  He said it is actually a portable DVD player.

Ah, recorded animation and carried to McDs.  The children were enthralled.  The mother (and the little girl looked so much like her I know it is their mother) was talking on a cell phone and fingering her food without actually eating.

I turned again to Husband and said that scene looked a bit pathetic.  I remember how going out to eat was such a big deal when I was a kid, and even seemed special when our boys were little because we didn’t have the money to eat out very often.
We imagined that if the dad had been along, he might have been working his Blackberry.
This led us to a discussion about how people learn to interact and be social and compromise to get along.

Technology doesn’t seem to be helping much in that regard, present company excepted, and deliberately overlooking the ability of blogs to bring in all kinds of readers.

I’d rather remember the little boy going out the door and looking up at his grandpa with absolute adoration in his eyes.

Have a good day, Folks.
And give someone a smile, whether appreciated or not.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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