Probability and Simulation

Trying to keep my head above the surface.

Math Class lessons are about Probability and Simulations.
The more trials the more chances.  Likely or Unlikely.
We are playing with dice, and flipping coins, and pulling colored balls out of a cup.
For this I am earning college credit hours.

The mid-term tests were returned.  We have a week to correct our mistakes and bring up the grade.  A 29/46 ain’t good enough.
Believe me, I’ll need to work on this awhile.

There was a Reception for Early Childhood Educators at the Children’s Discovery Museum.  I got in with a Student Pass and made some connections, both old and new.
We’ll see if one evening where I grinned until my lips hurt will help when the time comes for me to find worthy employment.
Also, some very good eats were served.  White chocolate bread pudding with a vanilla creme sauce, oh my goodness!

Gotta go load the dishwasher….
A whole day’s worth spread all over the countertop is not what I want to find at the crack of dawn.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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