Back from Spring Retreat

Where to begin.  Seems like forever since I have sat down here to write something.
My previous post was last Wednesday, so yeah, it is a long time!

The Women’s Spring Retreat was at a camp plunked down in the middle of farms and fields on the Illinois prairie.  Spring hasn’t sprung yet, at least from what I could see from the back seat of the car and rolling along the interstate.
The only signs were tractors plowing under last year’s stubble and turning up the rich black soil.  I’ll have to check the almanac to see when sowing the seeds will begin.

Menno Haven calls itself a camp, and there are some cabins for use by the children during the summer, but all us ladies were booked into the buildings listed as motel surroundings.
There’s a long hall with locked doors and keys, bedding and towels provided, indoor plumbing and a hot shower in the morning.
There were a couple pictures taken, but I wasn’t really in that kind of artistic mood, plus I didn’t ask permission to display faces.

We were gone only 27 hours, from Friday afternoon to Saturday, but it was a nice time.  Friends I have known in real life for longer than 20 years.  Who remember when my son who had his 21st birthday was the baby Jesus in the Christmas play, and who could help me recall another man who shares that date and that he is now 93.

During the conversation around the dinner table, someone mentioned a post/joke written by a man who was featured in our local newspaper for having a weblog at the age of 84.
I brought up something, hhmm, was it what I had read or written?  We were trying to keep the subject going during a lull.
One of the mates asked “What is a blog?”
How do we describe this community by Internet which seems so real and close?
And why does it seem to be so different than what we were actually doing there at dinner?

There was one young mother who brought her 6 week old baby girl.  I got to cuddle her and feed her some of a bottle and have her burp.  So precious.

My crochet got done 2 potholders, which I gave to the main speaker.  She loved them, especially the cotton quality.  Also finished 3 of the 5 bookmarkers needed for April birthdays.  There is something to be said for having quiet handwork going along while listening to stories about some of the women of the Bible.

When I got home to a quiet house, I came straight over here and checked e-mails.
The first one opened was from my friend who wanted to tell us that after the big disappointment in February, there is now a new grandson adopted from foster care and the court date was Friday!  The blanket I made is being used!

That should catch you up a little bit.
Gonna go.
The mister is home and hopefully full of stuff to talk about.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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