Medical Sacraments

Oftentimes, going to the walk-in clinic with such vague symptoms as ‘an earache only two weeks after having a tooth crown replaced, and a heaviness in my chest with coughing all through the night’ results with the medical advice along the line of “well, let’s wait and see”.  Especially when I first phone and ask to talk to the nurse and maybe get a phone in prescription.  Trying to avoid that insurance co-pay.

Thursday afternoon, my Math class was Cancelled (which I learned after driving up there, finding a place to park, and walking—while carrying my heavy bookbag—into the building to find a sign on the door of the classroom).
Ah so, I now have an extra hour and 20 minutes in my schedule.
I went to the clinic.
The aide told me to step on the scale, and said I have the same number of pounds as the last time I was there, which was October 2004.  I sighed and said, “well, at least I haven’t gained any, and I know the doc will say, yet again, that I should be losing some”.  There should be a tape recorder in that corner.

Inside the exam room, I found a magazine with the title of what might be an educational article behind the smiling blonde on the cover.  Checked the table of contents, flipped through, and learned the article must have been quite interesting because someone had carefully cut out the pages.  I pointed this out to the med aide, who promptly tossed it into the trash can.

The doctor checked all the places pertinent to my symptoms.  Says there’s a bit of a wheeze on the right side of my chest, and the sinuses are “gicky”.  Eardrums look okay, but because of the recent dental work, he doesn’t want to take chances for me to be getting any worse.
Amoxicillin twice a day, for the next 10 days.

Whoopie!  Good thing the Spring Break Schedule is a bit open-ended.  My innards do not appreciate antibiotics, so I’ll need to stay fairly close to the facilities.

Chris is on the last few pills of his prescription and the weather was nice enough that he went jogging for 20 minutes.  He came back saying that he wasn’t as well as he had thought and didn’t want to overdo it.

Please cross your fingers that we don’t give our germs to DoF, our head of household.  The week of Spring Break doesn’t have any college students underfoot, so the technician’s job duties increase.
The working man doesn’t have an opportunity to get sick.

I’m now passing the time until our tv show NUMB3RS comes on.  The girl cat is already looking expectantly toward the couch.  Wonder if she knows it is Friday?
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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