This will get you up to date

You may ask what in the world I am doing writing so early in the morning, after having breakfast at McD’s with my spouse.

I coughed myself awake at 10 minutes ‘til 6am.  I have a doozy of a chest cold, a gift either from youngest son (who got so sick he took himself to the clinic for germ-killing drugs) or the girl who sits next to me in Math class.

Then Husband decided he needs an early start for a long and busy day at work, and since we both were already up, well, let’s go out to where the coffee is already hot.
A guy on Salary, he is.

Husband says it is better to put up a post, even a non-interesting one, so that folks will know that my blog is active.
The weekend was quite busy because a college choir made a stop and did some singing at church.  I helped with their lunch and clean-up at Noon on Sunday, then came home and took a much needed nap.
Sunday evening was The Academy Awards and by now, we all know how that turned out.  Mahalia and I got some lap time, plus I crocheted one and a half potholders to be giving to the Mennonite Relief Sale in a couple weeks.  Someone gave me a bag full of cotton yarn leftovers.  I am trying to do some pretty matching of the colors.  But hey, what happens with potholders?  They get spaghetti sauce stains and singed by the gas burner.  Nobody would wonder too much about it being a work of art.

Monday was catching up on some household chores.  Seems like even with fewer people in the house, the work piles up.

Speaking of piles, here are a few….

This is a couple weeks worth of towels and linens.

I wait until that cupboard is empty before I bother to refill it.  Trouble is, I keep buying different towels at yard sales and thrift stores so I can put off the folding a bit longer.

When I finally found the bottom of FOUR baskets, I was so relieved!

Tuesday was a test in Math 135 and then another in Activities for Children.  My mental state with test anxiety is a documented phenomenon, and this day proved no better, twice.

There’s a Quiz coming for Wednesday in Illinois Government class, and I had better get to studying for it.  I have 6 notebook pages, fronts and backs, of notes to try to remember about our state legislature.  The paper with how a Bill goes through processing is almost as confusing as the genealogy family tree I saw recently.

You should know that breakfast at McD’s is expected to be the peak of fun for my day.  This goes to show that life in Dullsville is hardly worth your while.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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