Weary too soon

Some things I have learned about the community college:

** Unless in dire straits, do not use the restroom closest to the cafeteria. 
The one at the far end of the hall on the 2nd floor is much, much cleaner, there is always an ample supply of towels and potty paper, and the locks work for each and every stall.  It is hard to believe both rooms are the same age.  One gets used continuously, the other is near classrooms where nerdy subjects are taught.

** The door to the Library is still in the same place as always, but you have to walk several extra steps to get to it.  The Security office got re-modeled and enlarged over the summer.

** Every teacher has to show the Safety video at the first class session.  It doesn’t matter if every student in the room has already seen it, the teacher must show it. 

** There must have been a lecture to the Instructors about learning the names of the students.  Every class had some sort of “let’s all get acquainted and learn a little something about each other” exercise which was not the routine last year. 
I have to brush my teeth as soon as possible after each period.

** Due to construction of a new building, parking is a problem.  Allow maybe an extra ten minutes to walk from car to classroom.

** Elementary Education Majors tend to be female, young, and blonde both in looks and attitude.  A few years down the road, the poor little First Graders won’t know much about people of color. 

** In my Music Appreciation class there is no one else who likes John Denver songs as much as I do.

** Playing with Rods of Tens in a study area, and making it look like the math homework it is, does not get nearly as many comments from bystanders as does crocheting in the coffee shop. 

I guess I’d better get back to my WebCT assignment. 
I have to make up a Personal Philosophy of Education.  My old stand-by of ‘letting nature take its course’ or ‘survival of the fittest and smartest’ won’t earn teacher ability accolades.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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