Class and getting there

I can say the communication has stepped up quite a bit for the transportation of the family.  For this evening’s class, I will be driving son’s car!  Yikes!

The classes and homework are going fine. 

Math class is getting into unfamiliar turf.
We have to add Tony’s 60 apples and Joseph’s 80 apples using Base Seven units.  Do you know how hard it is to do counting by 7s!?! and then say that 7 is the last of the first unit and more than 7 units = the next.  No wait, that’s not right.

Count 0 – 9 and then put a 0 in the Ones place and a 1 in the Tens place.  That’s the way metric counts, right?

Base Seven is count 0 – 6 in the Ones place, then a 0 in Ones and a 1 in the Seven.  Still not explaining it well.
Hhmm, I’d better read some more of my notes, then try the problems.

Music Appreciation I have to do a one page report on the song SCARBOROUGH FAIR.

Ed Psyche—not gonna go there tonight.  That headache is put off until Wednesday afternoon.  The Instructor is difficult.  Believes that education is a goal unto itself and I’m not clear on how to put it to use in regular jobs.

Gotta go.  Composition Class in 40 minutes, and I’m using a car I’ve never driven before.  Cross your fingers and sprinkle a blessing.  Thanks!!
~~love and Huggs, Diane

Update: getting to evening class—Husband decided to go fill the tank of son’s car and drive it to where he was going….so I got to be like usual and drive my own car.  Yay!

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